Discover our meet and greet service!*

This service is offered to any one wants to bring his/her pet into the state of Qatar


What does the service includes:

  • Upon receiving a copy of the pet’s vaccination records, we will arrange to issue the import license from the Animal health department in Qatar.
  • Faxing/ E-mailing a copy of the obtained import permit to the owner at the country of origin.
  • Arrange to meet the pet on arrival at the cargo division of Doha International airport - Qatar and do the necessary clearing process.
  • Transporting the pet to its home in Doha city or any other points with in Qatar.**
  • Possibility of boarding the pet for a couple of days until the owners are settled in their new home.

*Limited services is also available                         **Extra Charges will apply for out of Doha city.

Points to consider when importing your pet.

  • All dogs and cats imported into the State of Qatar should have at least one Rabies injection no less than one month prior to shipping, no more than twelve months old upon arrival.
  •  Puppies and kittens should not be less than 4 month old on arrival to Doha, and had their first Rabies shot.
  • All pets should be accompanied by a state vet health certificate issued by the exporting country.

Banned dogs breeds!

Their is a list of the banned breeds, breeds on this list are not allowed to enter Qatar.

List of the Banned Breeds:

  • Japanese AKita
  • Shar Pei
  • Great Dan
  • Doberman
  • Boxer
  • Bulldog
  • Mastiff
  • Rottweiler
  • Bull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Afghan

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About Us

Doha pet Relocators was formed to assist expats by offering full assistance with the import and export of  there pets. More ...